We are a group of men who have been meeting every Sat. Morning for over 20 years.
Started Oct. 3rd, 1987

Our purpose is to pray for each other, and those names that are brought up to us from others, and also from the Church's prayer ministries lists. 

We pray for the Church and our Pastor Jey Diefell, and all the Ministers and Staff of First Church of Christ, and all churches in our area, and state. 

Jim Fung, pastor of Center Congregational Church, asked me 18 years ago to start this breakfast. Many times we keep him and his congregation in our prayers, and their Men's Prayer Breakfast that meets on the 1st, and 3rd Saturdays of each month.

Connecting with men who believe in the power of prayer, and that God is working in our lives every minute of every day, we are realizing new dimensions to living with Faith in our lives.  New is wrong word, but it is applicable. 

When we leave, we know that we have been in the presence of God Almighty. 

We are very concious of the Holy Spirit, and how He works in our lives. Many times on Saturday there are answers to prayer before we even leave the breakfast.  As Rev. Don Morgan always said, First Church is where the Spirit is Alive and Miracles Happen.

Every Man, has times in there lives when the circumstances of life are bigger than they are.  We may be facing situations and problems that are so big, and so overwhelming, that it is easy to get confused and know how to best deal with them. 

Where 2 or 3 get together in the Name of Jesus, He is there with us.  And we knock on that door together, and we pray in agreement and a united spirit for God to intervene in whomever's life, and sometimes we just pray HELP US OH LORD!