Mentor [mentor, men ter]


  1. an experienced and trusted adviser.


adviser · guide · confidant · confidante · counselor · consultant · therapist · master · spiritual leader · rabbi · guru · swami · maharishi · acharya


  1. advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).

"Mentoring should be encouraged"

  Some men prosper and grow in mind, spirit, body, educationally, responsibly, and financially because they had a trusted friend or a loved one with whom they could pour out their hearts and their aspirations. Someone they could trust, someone who they new would give them good Advice. Direction, Guidance and Instruction. Knowing when to stop or slow down or when to run with an idea.

  Many men would like to have such a mentor. Most men never find that someone who is wise enough or trustworthy enough to be a mentor. Men spend lots of time looking for that mentor and never finding one. Then they are older, wiser, and ready to be a mentor but never do because they do not know how to go about it.

  Here at First Church the men’s prayer breakfast is perfect place to find a mentor or to be a mentor. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit of God men get together and share the Word of God and share their own stories both good and troublesome. The Spirit works through each man at the breakfast and speaks through them timeless wisdom, supported by The Holy Spirit and backed up by The Word of God.
  This body of men, 35 to 45 men bring to the table incredible Wisdom, Counsel, Knowledge, Understanding and Love, wrapped in the arms of The Holy Spirit.  Under this form of mentoring, men have developed into Men of God. Men who can receive instruction and men who can counsel others. Men who pray with and for each other and pray corporately for the Body of Christ.

  This is the perfect mentor.

The Men’s Prayer Breakfast at First Church every Saturday morning, continues to be THE Place where The Spirit is Alive, and Miracles happen.

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