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Our intent is to offer you useful tools that will simplify your decisions while you search local venue for business products and services, events, community interest, jobs, classified ads and much more. To do that you need a valid email address and a password, We offer you the ability to enter a street address in your account that begins the start point of any driving directions you might request while browsing our directory.

Your information is safe with us we our your local internet service provider with a name and face, we are about helping you find the correct answers. We promise not to share or sell your personal information to anyone ever. We will not market you     or solicit you. Please use the services provided and see how simple we make interacting with our web strategy and perhaps we can assist your business or workplace with their Internet presence. Check out our take us to work program.

Thanks again for your trust and confidence as you join our membership and experience how we will enhance your web experience with us.

Surf Responsibly,

John Pease

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