1)  Alcohol is no friend of yours, though Paul says a little wine is not bad for ya, a little, in moderation, that is, can be good for you, no doubt, but habitually, excessively, it can kill you.  Don’t get “wasted”, you can better spend your time rather than getting stupid and squandering good time away, you can be more productive. 

2) Provoking authority needlessly can be harmful to your health.   If it effects you not, then stay away. 

3) Patience is a virtue, if you do not need to take a strong position, than avoid doing so and remember fools always provoke arguments and are impolite about it, be polite, and wisdom will guide you, as will the Holy Spirit, in providing what is best to say. 

4)  If you do not prepare, then you profit nothing.  We reap what we sow.  A lazy farmer doesn’t plough; he has no crop, no income, no food. 

5) A wise and patient person can draw out from another, and then encourage him and explain the problem to be helpful for him. 

6)  Loyalty in friendship is foreign today, test words for truth.  Words are cheap, deeds are not, the true and loyal will stand by you in times of trouble, cheap words fall away. 

7) Honesty and fairness are only permitted residency, evil is not invited.  Jesus was honest, trust in God, his court if fair and kind to you. 

8)  I am innocent; my behavior is always right as are my actions.  Only Jesus can say that, but trust in God, then God forgives our craziness, repent of evil, tell the truth to God, confess, He will forgive you, you ARE worthy no matter how bad you have been.   

10) What is measure?  Liars can measure and you can be cheated.  God hates liars and cheaters, measure straightly. 
11) The rules apply to rearing and disciplining children, we watch them, correct them to keep them on the true and right path. 

12) We have eyes and ears, God gave them to us so that we may see Him and hear Him speak to us.  God has them too, He is watching and listing to us every moment, so don’t think you can get away with anything. 

13) Sleep is good, it is healthy, too much of it is not normal and points to underlying problems, one of which could simply be laziness.  Sleep your life away, and you will do that, not to mention, no work, no food. 

14) This is business, to me, plain and simple, but, bragging about how one took unfair advantage is not good business.  Today, all must win, perhaps we learned that only after a very long time.  

15) Knowledge has greater value than all the valuables of the world, but they are only things, knowledge is useful and rare. 

16) This is about security for a debt.  A man values a woman more so than another man and so Solomon points out the degree of trust believed is to be guarded need, if there is doubt, then keep the coat till the debt is paid, then return it to debtor. 

17) You steal, and at first, you are glad, then the truth sets in, gladness disappears, and becomes bitter.  Stolen goods become a mouthful of stones, or a mill stone about the neck. 

18)  Making plans and decisions require great care, and much prayer for if God is not in the plan, then forget it!  A king going to war, means death, so good, honest counsel and advice is best in saving lives and to achieve success.  The importance of suggesting war here is the degree importance is to the circumstances. 

19) Gossip is a sin, it is a sign that reveals things of the speaker like loyalty, sharing with such a person, makes your secrets known to more than you know.  Gossip shows a lack of integrity.  We should not gossip, it is cheap talk and is hurtful for all. 

20) Parents are to be respected, it is one of God’s commandments, in disrespecting one’s parents, death should be the penalty. 

21) Unearned, dishonest gain, or theft spells evil’s presence, evil turns everything sour, so sour that it can kill you, so go and earn your wages and carry your head high knowing what you have, you have gained fairly and honestly and no one can take that from you. 

22) So, someone hurts us, it hurts, but getting even is not a good attitude.  No worries, God will take care of the perpetrator unless they ask for forgiveness, and in that, you should have already forgiven them if you are a man of God. 

23) We talked about this in verse 10. 

24) I like this one, “God directs a man’s life.  This is why nobody can understand his own life.”  We can try to understand stuff like experiences, why things happen, but we can’t, God does though, He is directing and guiding our lives like a farmer looking after his sheep.  The mysteries of God are beyond the understanding of man.  Just know that loving God, obeying Him, then you do not have to know the why of it all. 

25) Be careful, think over, pray about making a commitment, a decision, haste can cause you a great deal of pain and expense. How about this one, in Judges 11;30-40, Jephthah promised to kill and to give to God, whatever greeted him first, his daughter was the first to greet him.  Promises are critical. 

26) A wise leader must separate his enemies from his loyalists, like the threshing of wheat, the seed is separated from the straw, that is the product of wisdom, separating good from bad.  What does the farmer do with the bad; the straw, he throws away. 

27) God sees you, he sees inside of you, there is no escaping that, you cannot get away with anything; you may think you can, but you just cannot escape the judgment of God, He knows your very thoughts, so do right and you’re good. 

28) Love and truth protects us.  A king with such virtues then enlists the counsel, rank and file, similarly it becomes a mighty fortress against all evil. 

29) Ah youth, a mighty but temporary state in life.  Outstanding is the strength of youth, easily making the youthful known, conversely, the gray hair, or lack of it ( J ) brings honor to the elderly and wise. 

30) A wound hurts, ouch!  A wound does heal though, yah!  The whip is lasting pain, applied by all onlookers, it does not go away, and dishonor endures.  Continued misbehavior means more with the whip, to teach, change the bad behavior.  Like the whip in discipline, the wound is inflicted, it hurts, but the healing lies in repentance.  This verse also reminds us about Jesus.  Before Jesus died, the soldiers whipped his back. They made him suffer greatly, although he had done nothing wrong. Then they placed nails through his hands and feet. The nails fixed him to the wooden cross where he died.  Jesus suffered the punishment that we deserve for our evil deeds. He suffered because God loves us.  God forgives us because Jesus suffered. We need simply to confess our evil deeds and to trust God. Because Jesus suffered our punishment, God removes our evil behavior. And because Jesus suffered our punishment, we can be friends of God.